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It’s our dedication that differentiates Unique Impressions from other brick & paver engraving services. Our Commitment to quality, our strong relationships with suppliers & customers, and our quest to go ‘above and beyond’ are all key elements that ensure Unique Impressions provide outstanding service and outcomes.

01. Strategic

We take a strategic approach to every project, big or small, to ensure the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective outcomes that ensure customer satisfaction at all stages of any job.

02. Professional

Our staff are dedicated, professional and trained in all aspects of their jobs. Unique Impressions have developed a reputation for providing high-quality services to all stakeholders that is well regarded as second to none.

03. Loyal

A typical Unique Impressions ‘customer relationship’ starts and never stops…. as when engaged to provide services for you, our quest to ensure your 100% satisfaction never ends, even well after your project is completed.

Support Australian Made

Unique Impressions is a family owned & operated business specialising in brick and stone engraving. We can supply you with anything from a single brick engraved with a date or house number, to having your company logo etched into the side of a building, or several thousand individually engraved bricks for a sponsored brick campaign.

Whether you’re building a new building or you’re extending or improving an existing building; personalised brick fundraising campaigns have helped countless organisations reach their fundraising goals.

Engraved bricks and pavers, are an excellent way of raising money and can help your school, charity, church or sports organisation raise much needed funds, with a sponsored ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign. Click on ‘fundraising’ for more information.


Why do brick engraving campaigns work so well?

Brick engraving campaigns work on the emotional attachment your donors have to your cause. For example, a parent will be significantly attached to their child’s school or a football fan will be emotionally attached to their favourite team’s home ground.

When these donors buy a brick for your venue (the venue they’re emotionally attached to in some way), they’re making a proud community statement and publicly declaring that they’ve donated to your cause.

Due to the long-lasting nature of brick engraving campaigns, it’s extremely difficult to find another fundraising method that provides such an emotional connection between your project and your donors.

Additionally, the brick acts as a tangible reward, encouraging many more people to give to your fundraising cause.

Unique Impressions use only quality products manufactured by Australian brick & paver manufacturers.

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