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Corporate and Commercial Law expertise for every business

Whether your business is a startup, an established family business or a large corporation, you want the assurance of legal protection that is relevant and specific to your unique situation. Leora Rose Law offers you a wealth of specialised practical experience in business and commercial law. Our goal is to ensure that your business, assets and interests are legally protected, with appropriate risk management through every stage of your business growth.

Leora Rose Law offers specialist legal expertise for businesses here in Australia and internationally. We think creatively to provide outstanding legal solutions for entity structure and limiting liability, through to highly complex intellectual property and technology-based data management and protection.

We’ll help you understand potential risks and provide risk management solutions to protect your assets should you find yourself in legal proceedings. We assist with structuring corporate strategic and tactical legal initiatives, and we provide strategic analysis that accounts for legislative obligations, to ensure you’re compliant.

Franchising Specialists

Leora Rose Law has assisted many franchise owners across Australia to purchase, sell or expand their franchise operations. We have the expertise and a deep understanding of franchise law to comprehensively assist you with legal advice and legal documents for your business franchise opportunity. Our specialist advice and legal services thoroughly incorporate general commercial and business law for franchisors and franchisees.
The legal requirements for franchising can depend on the circumstances of the arrangement. We consider the specific needs of your business to ensure our advice and legal documents protect your interests and set you up for a successful venture.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Buying or selling a Franchise;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Agreements and Deeds;
  • Commercial Leases; and
  • All your other Franchising needs.

Practical experience you can count on

Leora Rose Law draws on extensive in-house experience with the practical application of legal principles in business. We understand the complexity of business, and we aim to provide you with robust legal solutions that support the day to day operation of your business.

We’ll carefully consider all aspects of risk to your business to ensure your legal documentation addresses your particular circumstances now and into the foreseeable future. Our goal is to ensure your business is supported for success and protected as it grows and develops in complexity.

Legal protection for your business and your success is our priority

At Leora Rose Law our goal is for you to feel empowered with an understanding of how you’re legally protected so we will take the time to explain the role of our legal advice and your legal documents. It’s important to us that you feel confident with your knowledge of the extent of your legal rights, options and obligations should legal concerns arise in your business.

Ultimately, we want you to succeed in your business endeavours, so we focus on providing you with effective legal strategies to support your commercial activities and ongoing success.

Comprehensive legal solutions

Need help with a business problem?

We provide considered comprehensive strategic legal solutions that fulfil the specific legal requirements of your business. We’ll help you understand the intricate and legal details, your options, and actions that are available to you to help you achieve the best outcome for your business.

Benefit from our wealth of knowledge and many years’ experience in Corporate and Commercial Law.

Leora Rose Law offers your business and commercial venture an extensive range of strategic commercial legal services including:

  • Establishment of corporations and businesses;
  • Purchase, sale, and restructuring;
  • Mergers and joint ventures;
  • Commercial documents;
  • Licencing agreements and documents;
  • Privacy and due diligence;
  • Risk assessment advice;
  • Sponsorship and marketing agreements;
  • Commercial leases;
  • Confidentiality deeds;
  • Service Provider Agreements;
  • Contractor Agreements;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Negotiating loan facilities and Loan agreements;
  • Terms of Trade;
  • Website and service terms and conditions;
  • Dispute resolution; and
  • Competitions – advice and agreements.


I have been a client of Leora Rose for 3 years. During this time I have worked closely with Inke regarding matters of Commercial Law, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property and Trademarks. What sets Inke apart from other Lawyers is her strong analytical and advocacy skills along with an exceptional ability to communicate (both verbally and written) to achieve the desired objectives. Inke operates with incredibly high ethics and integrity and for these reasons has become my ‘go to’ person for major business decisions to ensure adherence to business best practice. It provides great comfort as a business owner to have such a professional and strong working relationship with a lawyer. I would highly recommend Inke for all business related matters.

– Rachel Dutton – General Manager, This Story Australia Ltd and Ripple Beach Media.

Inke is such a kind and genuine person and after working with her multiple times understand why she is so highly recommended. Her vast knowledge of commercial law has saved myself and my business huge amounts of money and stress. She provided me with a competitive fixed fee and encouraged all questions to ease concerns during negotiations. Thanks again Inke, look forward to working with you again in the future!

– Demmi Taylor, Owner – Flourish Coffee

When you want your commercial lawyer to be someone whom you can talk too, who listens and then acts in your best interests, who doesn’t just speak a whole pile of goobly gook that leaves you without direction or clear understanding, then Inke Loos of Leora Rose Law is the Lawyer you want on your team. Most lawyers act in your best interest (hopefully) if you pay them enough, but for many lawyers your business is very transactional and they forget or ignore the human aspect. We discovered Leora Rose Law several years ago and are very glad we have. Now we make contact any time any legal issue arises, we get clarity on the legal issues, and are able to make decisions based in knowledge of the legal implications without it costing multiple arms, legs and our integrity. We’ve also referred several clients who have been in some very compromised situations to Leora Rose and they have been able to develop a plan and strategy to regain control.

– Debra Yuille – General Manager, Mediaglue Pty Ltd

I cannot stress how important it is to have a knowledgeable, thorough and relatable legal team on your side regardless of the size of your business, in fact as a small business I think it is imperative. Inke and her team are all of those things and more. They have helped me with trademark applications, confidentiality agreements, privacy policies and copyright & licence agreements to protect my business as it grows. I love speaking with Inke as she makes me feel so comfortable and I always end the call thinking, thank goodness she is on my team.

– Lynda Steffens – Founder, Lynda Steffens and Intuitive Practice

I had spoken with a few Law Firms in regards to a digital start up I was working on, but when I spoke with Inke she really stood out. With Inke it wasn’t transactional, she took the time to understand me and the requirements of my business with a genuine interest. She was personable, professional and has a deep understanding of the areas of law that she specialises in. I don’t just see Inke as my Lawyer, but more so a trusted advisor.

– Danielle Chirio – Director, Bump Mama Fitness

Where do I start! I can call at anytime and she has always been able to assist at the drop of a hat about anything. Inke has structured my company into a professional business and will go above and beyond to get the results you are after! I couldn’t recommend her enough.

– Emma Sweeny – Director, In the Game PR

Leora Rose Law is a fantastic professional legal firm which I highly recommend. Inke assisted me with my most recent business purchase, preparing contracts and providing much appreciated legal advice. Thanks to Inke the whole process was hassle free and the transaction went seamlessly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their professional and prompt service and would be happy to use them again in future

– Simon Lonsdale – Owner, Frontier Tree Services.

After searching for many weeks for a lawyer to write up documents for my new business, I was recommended to Inke (by 3 other people) and after speaking with her, I instantly felt very comfortable and confident she was the right one, as she understood from the beginning what I needed. She was very understanding of me being a new business owner and her advice was greatly appreciated. There was a bit of back and forwards with me changing a few things and she was very patient and extremely professional. I would highly recommend Leora Rose Law. I will definitely be using Inke again in the future’

– Joanne Martin – Director, Home Harmony International.

We’ve worked with the Leora Rose team across a number of contract projects critical to our business. Each time we have been consistently impressed with their professionalism and expertise in achieving the outcomes we were looking for. We look forward to working with them on the next project’

– Dan Richardson – Strategy Director, Axis Social

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