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protecting your intellectual property

Protect your intellectual property

If your creative ideas are your business and livelihood, we can help you protect your intellectual property from concept through to market. We make sure your trademarks, copyright, original product, designs, and concepts are legally protected and that your rights are enacted if infringement occurs.

Whether you’re a business owner, creative, entrepreneur, education provider, or artist, we understand that you want to create freely with the assurance your authenticity, originality, livelihood and image is comprehensively protected from imitation and intellectual property theft.

Leora Rose Law provides you with expertise, advice and assistance in order to identify, protect and enforce your intellectual property rights.

Once you have your concept legally protected, speak to us about creating a commercial law solution for your business. We can provide you with an end-to-end legal solution for your unique requirements.
Take the right steps to protect your trademarks, copyrights, designs, and concepts.

Benefit from our wealth of knowledge, expertise, and many years’ experience in Intellectual Property Law. Leora Rose Law offers businesses and creatives an extensive range of strategic legal services including:

  • Specialist trademark advice, applications, objections, submissions, registrations and trademark infringement;
  • Copyright advice, protection, licencing, and transfers;
  • Intellectual property rights protections, licencing, and transfers;
  • Moral rights;
  • Publishing and royalty deals;
  • IP Licence agreements, including trademark licence agreements and copyright licence agreements;
  • IP Assignment Agreement;
  • Enforcement and litigation of intellectual property infringement.


As a workplace consultant, I have engaged Inke to help protect my IP and create service provider agreements. Inke has been a delight to work with – she takes away that burdened feeling that arises in association with legal speak and contracts. Due to her experience with corporate law, she understands the context I work in and alerts me to issues I may not even have thought about. Sharp, responsive and positive, I will be continuing to use Inke into the future and am very happy to recommend her.

– Thea O’Connor – Wellbeing and Productivity Advisor, Presenter, & Coach

I was referred to Leora Rose Law when I was just starting out with my business and needed some support with some basic engagement contracts. Over the three years as my business has grown, I have been able to call on Inke for a variety of legal matters including Trademarks, IP protection, a commercial lease negotiation, as well as representation in 2 contract disputes. In addition to the legal work itself, I’ve found great value in Inke’s ability to explain things in layman’s terms, outline clearly options available and give advice with a real understanding of commercial outcomes. I highly recommend Inke to any small business owner who is looking for a solicitor.

– Kelli Ponting – Managing Director, The Marketing Lab

Inke has been a great help to myself and my company. From trademarks to employee contracts – she has done it all promptly and perfectly! I am very happy with the service she provides, no job is ever too small!

– Matt Jamieson – Director, RenderX

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